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Crafted with a spoonful of simple,
all-natural ingredients

We make Frönen the way nature intended – nutritious and uncomplicated. We keep our ingredients list short and sweet. Nothing hard to pronounce or digest. Just 4 or 5 premium dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free ingredients. So, grab a bowl and live the sweet life...guilt-free.


Why Frönen

Our culinary creation is first of its kind – a gluten-free, dairy alternative as nutritious as nature. It’s creamy without the cream – an all-natural, banana-based dessert that’s full of flavor, not calories. With Frönen, you can simply indulge without feeling guilty.

Frönen, German for "indulge," was inspired by a favorite family recipe and a lifetime battle with celiac disease. Whether you are health conscious or simply share our belief that ice cream is for everyone, Frönen lets you splurge.


AN irresistible frozen treat as nutritious as nature